Attachment, Trauma & Intimacy Conference

with Diane Poole Heller, PhD
& Special Guests

Richard Schwartz PhD, Maggie Philips PhD 
Dr. Amir Levine, Ellyn Bader PhD
John Howard & Jaci Hull

Boulder, Colorado
April 8-10, 2016

Dear Friends, 

I want to invite you to join us this summer in Boulder, Colorado for our annual DARe to Connect: Attachment, Trauma & Intimacy Conference from April 8-10, 2016

This live workshop will help you integrate all your previous trainings in the field. It will enhance your confidence and skill in applying mastery of Attachment and trauma resolution with clients. 

Through further training, live demos, dyads, debriefings and other exercises, we will explore the most effective techniques for bringing clients back to Secure Attachment. There will be an opportunity to check in before the event and share your own case studies so we can tailor this workshop to whatever issues are most relevant to your practice and well-being. 

There is a powerful transformation that occurs when we study and practice as a community in a live setting.

I hope you’ll be able to join us!


Topics will include:
   1. It’s all about LOVE and an expansion of Welcome to the World

   2. Review of Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent, and (most important) the complexities of Disorganized Attachment adaptations

   3. In-depth demos with Diane on each Attachment adaptation related to trauma and intimacy. Participants will be given opportunity to request to work with Diane directly during the event.

   4. Interactive exercises for your own explorations and to use with your clients 

   5. Panel discussion end of each day to ask question and dialog with Diane and the Experts.

4 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss This Workshop!
      1. Deepen your understanding of Attachment. I will provide advanced Attachment style teachings so you can help your clients get the most out of their sessions with you.

   2. Learn & Practice Attachment Skills. Participate in live interactive exercises with your peers.

   3. The rare chance to see (or participate in) demos with me. I don’t demonstrate sessions very often, but I believe it’s important to see Attachment therapy in action. This is your opportunity to see how I integrate Attachment theory!

   4. Experts. We have gathered a group of amazing experts to enhance your understanding of Attachment, Trauma and Intimacy. Each day they will provide an in-depth presentation. We will close with a panel discussion with the day’s experts where you get to engage, ask questions and participate in dialog with the experts.

"I  am absolutely ecstatic about Diane’s method, and how deeply  life-changing it has been for me personally and professionally. I am  a very public figure, but I absolutely avoid speaking in public.Since gaining the confidence to stay present and to not dissociate, I  started accepting speaking engagements…and even my friends and my  staff have noticed a significant difference. It’s exciting!"
– Eileen Fisher, CEO

Richard Schwartz, PhD 
Working with the “I”of Trauma Using Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Richard Schwartz developed Internal Family Systems (IFS) in response to clients' descriptions of experiencing various parts within themselves. His approach provides an alternative understanding of psychic functioning and healing. Dr. Schwartz is the co-author, with Michael Nichols, of Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods, the most widely used family therapy text in the United States. He is also the founder of The Center for Self Leadership in Oak Park, Illinois.
Maggie Phillips, PhD

Somatic Approaches to Working with Shame, Trauma, and the Social Engagement System

Maggie Phillips is a licensed psychologist in full-time private practice in Oakland, California. She is director of the California Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and past-president of the Northern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Dr. Phillips has led workshops on hypnosis, psychotherapy, the effects of childhood trauma, and reversing chronic pain worldwide. She is also the author of her newly launched Freedom from Pain, co-authored with Peter Levine.
John Howard
Bringing Interpersonal Neuroscience into Couples Therapy
John Howard is a couples therapist, founder of Ready, Set, Love!, and author of the New Science of Relationship series. His expertise in neuroscience and Attachment theory complements his work with relationships. His influences include Drs. Stan Tatkin, John Gottman and Sue Johnson, but he also believes relationships are spiritual journeys and a form of personal growth. John has also written several articles on relationships, and has contributed to and The Huffington Post. He views love and relationships as a way to find unity in diversity.
Jaci Hull

Tolerating Intimacy: Hakomi and the Cultivation of the Healing Relationship

Jaci Hull is a marriage & family therapist who works with teens, adults, and couples. She specializes in a mindful, experiential and body-integrative approach. Jaci is trained in Hakomi Therapy, but she has also studied Family Constellations and Group Leadership. She leads trainings, teaches workshops, and supervises graduate students all over the country and in Canada.
Dr. Amir Levine
Deciphering Attachment Styles in Everyday Life for Dating & Relationships
Amir Levine is an adult, child, and adolescent psychiatrist and neuroscientist. He graduated from the residency program at the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University, where he is currently a Principal Investigator on a research project sponsored by the National Institute of Health. He is the co-author of the groundbreaking book Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find – And Keep – Love and has a private practice in New York City, where he lives with his family.
Ellyn Bader, PhD

Working with the Developmental Stages of Couples to Deepen Intimacy, Expand Understanding, and Enhance Maturity

Ellyn Bader is a couples therapy pioneer and co-author of Tell Me No Lies and In Quest of the Mythical Mate. Ellyn and her husband, Dr. Peter Pearson, have spent the past 30 years helping couples resolve issues and create strong, loving relationships at The Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California. Ellyn and Peter have spoken about couples therapy on The Today Show, CBS Early Morning News, and over 50 radio shows.

Held in beautiful
Boulder, Colorado
Registration Information
Registration is $597 has been extended until March 28th.  Normal price is $797.

In addition there is a $127 facilities fee (non-refundable) for the three-day event. The facilities fee covers:

 1. Free daily private lunch for the three days (all gratuities and taxes included). 
2. Discounted hotel room rates starting at $119 (you will get a link to book your hotel once you have registered),
3. Free Wi-Fi

The private lunches also serve to help us stay together, create new friendships, and come back to the afternoon program on time. Please note we pay the facilities fees directly to the hotel.
"This training helped me frame therapeutic work  within the individualand within large systems. It showed me how to heal and reformcorrections at whatever level—within ourselves, families, and workplaces—so we can be our best, solo or together."

–A. Weatherley
Boulder, CO

"Thank you for a wonderful training. I learned so much and am already digesting and integrating the information you shared with us. As I had mentioned to you, I did my graduate research on Attachment and adult mother/daughter relationship (levels of self-esteem and depression) many years ago at NYU. Now after working as a clinician for over a decade and having attended the 3 days, it all makes so much more sense. I so appreciate both the theory and the practice. You demonstrated and taught us so much that will help facilitate repair and re-orientation. I highly respect your work. It obviously reflects years of clinical foundation, experience and self-healing. The Attachment wounds/repair information is truly the foundation and as you said the pay dirt of our work. Having the opportunity to watch you in the demonstrations accompanied by the biofeedback was truly astonishing."

–P. Atkinson, LCSW-R,

"Diane's work has enabled us to work with the tender Attachment piece, with skill, kindness, and understanding. When clients experience it, they often say something like, "This is the work I have been waiting for. No one has held it with me in quite this way." Diane has given us a beautiful way to meet it and to begin healing the deep and early patterns of our clients and of ourselves. Thank you."

Christina Morrow